Letter to Our Advocates

May 22, 2020 - Letter to Our Advocates

Great news!  We will be opening offices next week and will need to train all CASA Volunteers on new procedures.  As each office has some unique hurdles to overcome training everyone and remaining in compliance with federal, state, and agency guidelines we are instructing all volunteer coordinators to reach out to you next week to schedule parish specific training.  Look for our call!
Specific to your advocacy, the agency has secured disposable masks, disposable gloves, disposable face shields, and hand sanitizer for every volunteer.  Our goal (delivery and funds dependent) is to supply you with these resources on a regular basis.  In addition, we have updated the CASA Volunteer Policy and Procedures. Both the PPE "goodie bag" bag and P&P will be provided to all through the training process.  At this time, no volunteer is allowed to conduct a face to face visit until completion of training.
On our COVID-19 response page, you will be able to find the agency wide re-entry plan - this is what is expected of all employees for your review.  Please help hold us accountable! We have taken a measured response to allowing all employees the option to return to work in each office while balancing the health of coworkers, volunteers, and the public. The COVID 19 Re Entry Plan document will be updated as state and federal guidelines are changed.  In addition, all of our resources and guides will be posted on our website.  www.childrensadvocacy.net
I can't thank y'all enough for your patience and understanding throughout.  Your passion is not only a comfort to the children we serve, but an inspiration to us! While we plan to honor the military personnel who have died while serving our country this weekend, we look forward to seeing everyone next week and getting back into the field. Stay safe and, again, thank you for all you do to champion the lives of children!

Thank you,
Wade Bond
Executive Director
Children’s Advocacy Network


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