We Believe in Human Kindness

“We Believe in Human Kindness”


In a world that can feel so heavy, especially throughout the last couple of years, it’s so important to find positivity and share kindness as much as we can. Working as part of the CAN team and through the nature of our mission – to help heal and champion abused and neglected children – we are reminded daily (some days, hourly) of the demise of this world. Child abuse and neglect, along with the factors causing such trauma, are real and horrific….so is homelessness, hunger, poverty, devastating natural disasters, and struggles of all sorts that are unfortunate parts of life. But inspite of the despair, there are people doing good and helping others. It's important to both recognize the good AND be part of the impact.

Now more than ever, it’s imperative that we recognize that together, we must do our part to provide support, and build resilience. Build it personally, relationally and as a community and society at large. Resilience is what helps us persevere through the trials. It’s what helps us maintain a healthy mental state.

There are mental health advocates everywhere, shining light and attempting to erase the stigma surrounding mental health issues. Even so, most have experienced that staying positive can be harder to do than expected. Our minds can become filled with one hardship after the next because sometimes, we are simply trying to survive, never mind thrive and help others.

So, what can we do?

We CAN learn.
We CAN act.
We CAN share.

We can learn what it means to build our protective factors as an individual and in our relationships, so we can better ourselves, and in turn be better for those around us.

We take action to help our community become stronger together and find ways to use our personal gifts to give back, provide support, and spread positivity and hope.

We share. Share in any way you can. Share your food. Share your clothes. Share your uplifting words of encouragement. Share a warm smile. Share kindness.

This month, Children’s Advocacy Network is establishing a cornerstone that will guide our actions and message through February and March– “We Believe in Human Kindness.”**
The message around this manifesto is very relevant in our goal of preventing child abuse and neglect. Building resilience. Improving protective factors. Doing good and taking action. These are aspects we share when we are encouraging our community to help create stronger families and provide support for those who need it! It encourages us to spread hope through kindness. Hope through CHOOSING to #BeTheChange.


 “We believe in human kindness, knowing we are made better when we all work together.”- Chip Gaines

Join us these next couple of months as we work together to unpack kindness and take action. We will take a look at what it looks like in positive parenting, cultural diversity, and improving our protective factors, and how even the smallest acts of kindess can make a big impact. Don't forget to also share what kindness means to YOU!

Together, we CAN all do our part to educate, empower, and encourage those around us.
Together, let's create a movement of kindness and build resilience so we can #BeTheChange our children and communities need.


**We Believe in Human Kindness adopted from Magnolia Network


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